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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?

To enjoy an uncompromised car handling experience, it is extremely crucial to ensure the suspension system is in its best shape. Any underlying issue severely jeopardises your on-road safety and affects your car's overall performance.

Hence, most auto experts recommend undertaking a routine and precautionary suspension check every 15000-30,000 miles.

Our workshop, Tyre King, offers comprehensive inspections of the car suspension system Swadlincote using the latest tools and technology. In case we detect any damaged part, we will replace it with OE-spares for maximum safety. Moreover, our prices are very budget-friendly and can help you save a great deal.

Warning signs of a faulty suspension system

If any parts of your car’s suspension system are worn-out or damaged, it will show some distinct warning signs like:

  • Greasy or oily shock absorbers
  • One side of your car sits lower than the others
  • An uncomfortable and bumpy driving experience
  • Odd vibrations on applying the brakes
  • “Nosediving” when braking
  • Difficulty to drive in a straight line
  • Inadequate steering response, etc.

You must immediately visit our workshop if you detect any of these problems, as any delay might result in damaging other components and lead to expensive repair bills in future.

Benefits of routine suspension checks

Improved road holding capacity- An optimally functioning suspension system also enhances the steering performance. Hence, you can be sure of the steering stability and enhanced cornering precision in any road condition.

Uncompromised control- Routine inspections and replacement of your car's damaged shock absorbers Swadlincote from us enables the suspension system to balance the chassis weight and offer optimal stability effectively.

Why us?

We are a reliable and affordable suspension repairing garage Swadlincote, popular for our dedicated team of experts and prompt & accurate solutions.

If you detect the symptoms of a faulty suspension system, come over to us.

Our experts will thoroughly inspect all essential suspension parts, like:

  • Linkage
  • Springs
  • Bars
  • Struts
  • Bushings
  • Joints
  • Shock absorbers, etc.

This will enable us to identify any faulty component, and therefore, determine the adequate course of action.

As a thorough suspension check takes a bit more time, please schedule an appointment with us.

Do you have any question? Please feel free to get in touch with us on 01283 761 501.

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