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Blacklion Tyres

    A Chinese tyre manufacturing company, established in 1995, Blacklion is a subsidiary of the Shandong Jinyu Tire Company. The company’s production facilities are currently in China and Vietnam. Blacklion tyres are available in more than 100 countries worldwide. It is a top preference among people searching for budget tyres near me due to their reliability and quality at affordable prices.

    Tyre King is a well-known tyre retailer housing the entire Blacklion catalogue in our inventory to cater to diverse customer driving needs. Further, our experts can also recommend an ideal tyre set to any client based on driving habits and requirements.

    We are also online! Now, you can buy Blacklion car tyres Swadlincote online from our website. Please enter your car registration details and tyre index on our tyre finder tool. You can then complete the purchase from the comfort of your home after you finalise your choice from available results. Also, feel free to book a fitting appointment at our garage with your tyre order.

    Categories of Blacklion tyres


    Winter tyres from Blacklion come with a softer rubber compound and enhanced tread depth and specialised tread patterns. These facilitate rapid water evacuation to combat hydroplaning risks effectively.


    All-season tyres are popular due to their performance in both dry and wet conditions courtesy of their intermediate tread depth, asymmetrical tread pattern and unique rubber compound.


    These come with reinforced sidewalls and wider shoulder blocks. They help facilitate improved grip and control on uneven terrains without compromising the tyre’s load-bearing ability, thus enabling superior handling performance.


    Blacklion’s performance tyres resist heat build-up at high speeds, drastically reducing blowout chances and enhancing on-road safety.

    Other categories with their bestselling models

  • Summer: Blacklion BH15
  • Run-flat: Blacklion Champoint BU66 101W XL RFT
  • Apart from these, we also have an all-inclusive stock of car tyres Swadlincote in every price range (premium, mid-range and budget).

    Therefore, delay no more and visit King Tyre at 2 Woodville Road Overseal Swadlincote Swadlincote DE12 6JG to end your search for Blacklion tyres near me.

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22" Tyres
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