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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Driving with incorrectly aligned wheels reduces your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and affects the longevity of the tyres. Furthermore, it takes a toll on the overall handling experience. Hence, if you’re noticing any sign of a faulty wheel alignment Swadlincote, you should take your vehicle to a reliable garage like Tyre King, to address the issue.

We are one of the very few facilities that specialise in state-of-the-art laser wheel alignment Swadlincote. In fact, we offer free laser wheel alignment checks.

We will only charge you if there is any misalignment and you want it rectified.

Our team will be happy to show you any misalignment on the computer screen, so you can make an informed decision.

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Common indicators of misaligned wheels

Here are some tell-tale signs of misaligned wheels:

Vehicle drifts to one side

When driving down a straight, levelled road with no traffic, let go off of the steering wheel and allow your car to guide itself. In case it veers to the left or right and doesn’t move in a straight direction, that’s an indication of improper wheel alignment.

A crooked steering wheel

Closely observe the emblem on your car’s steering wheel when driving down a road that’s flat and straight. Does it tilt a few degrees towards the left or right? This is a clear indication that your car wheels need to be aligned.

A loose steering wheel

Driving with a loose or sloppy steering wheel compromises your safety as it delays the response time while taking a turn. If you notice that there’s hardly any tyre movement when you turn the steering, the chances are your car’s wheels are misaligned.

Uneven tyre wear

Check the condition of your car’s tyres from time to time. If you notice uneven tread wear, this is a sign of improper wheel alignment. Make sure to get the wheels aligned properly, or else, you’ll have to replace your car’s tyres sooner than expected.

Squealing tyres

As your vehicle’s tyres continue to wear out due to incorrectly aligned wheels, they’ll start making high-pitched noises when you accelerate or take a turn.

Steering wheel vibrations

Does your car’s steering wheel vibrate when the vehicle is in motion? This might be caused due to unbalanced or misaligned wheels. Make sure to consult a trustworthy technician to diagnose the issue accurately.

Please note: Misaligned wheels can also cause damage to the components of the suspension system of your car, which can jeopardise your safety – and of course, lead to otherwise unnecessary repair bills.

Your car’s wheels can become misaligned due to the following reasons:

    • Driving on poorly maintained roads
    • Vehicle height modification
    • Heavy impact from bumps, speed-beakers, potholes etc.

Reach the best laser wheel alignment garage Swadlincote

We, at Tyre King, are trusted by car owners from all over Swadlincote for providing the most efficient vehicle-related services. Our focus on efficiency and quality has been pivotal in gaining the trust of our loyal customers. Hence, you can refrain from searching for a “wheel alignment garage near me” and drive over to our facility for the best solutions.

Our team of highly experienced technicians adjust the following wheel angles using our advanced laser aligners:


This refers to the inward or outward angle of a vehicle’s wheels when you observe them from the front of the car. If a wheel tilts inward, it is known as negative camber. However, if it tilts outward, that’s positive camber.


The caster angle refers to the fore or aft slope of your car’s steering axis. If it tilts towards the driver’s seat, it is called positive caster. On the flip side, if it leans towards the front of your car, that’s known as negative caster.


This is the extent to which a car’s wheels angle inward or outward when observed from an aerial view. If they point towards the centre of your car, it’s known as toe-in. Nevertheless, if they point in the opposite direction, it’s known as toe-out.

If you require additional information, would like to combine your cars’ wheel alignment check with any of our other services or would like to book a slot for our laser wheel alignment Swadlincote, please call us or visit our facility directly during our business hours.

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